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We would love to hear about your fundraiser. Please let us know. We can help promote your event and send you an electronic version of our Proud Supporter Logo. Please email us at or call us 250-492-9027.

How you can fundraise for the SOS Medical Foundation

Thank you for your decision to raise funds for the South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation! One of the easiest ways to raise funds is to hold a fundraiser in conjunction with something that is meaningful to you and your circle of friends. As always, please reach out should you have any questions-we are always happy to help!

From happy hours to amateur art exhibits, there is no shortage of fundraising event ideas. You can turn almost any event into an opportunity to raise money for a good cause—it just requires a bit of planning and ingenuity.

Fundraising events are a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with your community. The more your volunteers and supporters enjoy what they are doing, the more likely they are to do more of it—supporting your cause in the process.

Keep these tips in mind when planning your fundraising event:

  • To avoid stress and burnout, round up others who share a passion for your cause and ask them to pitch in.

  • It costs a bit of money upfront to host any kind of event, but budget event planning is still possible. Try asking local businesses to donate food and other needed items, or ask a restaurant or other business to host the event in exchange for the business you’ll bring in.

  • Send out event invites through social media sites, and encourage friends to bring along others. Using social media to promote your fundraiser can drum up support for your cause and encourage others to get involved.

How to raise Funds

1) General Donations

Cash: One of the easiest ways of accepting donations! Be sure to have a cash box and float with you and reconcile this amount at the end of the evening.

Credits and/or Debit card: In order to process credit and/or debit transactions you will require the appropriate platform (eg, square). Sometimes there are fees associated with these platforms, so be sure to inform yourself before you purchase any payment software.

Cheques: Donors can also provide donations via cheques. Just ask that they fill out all of the information on the provided cheque and that it is made payable to “SOS Medical Foundation”. It is also helpful to note the event name in the memo so we can attribute their donation to your event!

Pledge Forms: Pledge forms are helpful if you think you will have a lot of donors asking for tax-receipts.

2) Auction Items

Auction items (whether live or silent) are a great way to fundraise! Give yourself lots of time to gather these items and be sure to thank the organization or individual that donated the item(s) for you. If you are having a silent auction, make sure you have bid sheets printed and space to showcase all of your items. It is also helpful to note a starting bid (and include increments) to make it easy for your donors to bid. Be sure to include a cut-off time and have a payment method ready at the end of the night, so guests can go home with their items!

3) Tickets and Food & Beverage Sales

Event Tickets

You can sell tickets online through an event platform (eg, Eventbrite) or in-person. Please note that the SOS Medical Foundation does not manage your guest list but we would be happy to promote the event on your behalf. Remember to be clear on refund policies in case guests are unable to attend your event.

Food and Beverage Sales

Sales from food & beverage items are a great way to fundraise for your event (especially if the items are donated). Remember that if you hire volunteers to serve liquor, they need their serving it right certificate!

Depending on your event and its fundraising activities, some licenses may be required. To confirm, check with the City, Police, Liquor Control & Licensing Branch and Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch. Special Event Permits (SEP) are may also be required.

Tax Receipts

There are a lot of ways guests/donors of your event can make a gift, and it is important to distinguish what is a “true gift” and what is simply an event purchase (i.e.: event ticket, food and wine, or auction purchases). Canada Revenue Agency has very specific rules around tax receipting. If you wish to encourage giving through tax receipting, please call the SOS Medical Foundation before your event and we would be happy to walk you through CRA’s requirements as they pertain to your event. The SOS Medical Foundation will only issue receipts that meet the threshold of CRA eligibility.

You can make a difference.

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