The South Okanagan Similkameen (SOS) Medical Foundation has received a $500,000 gift towards their “Better Care. Better Outcomes.” campaign, launched to raise money to bring more cancer care closer to home for residents of the South Okanagan and Similkameen.

The SOS Medical Foundation hopes to raise $10 million towards the $22 million capital investment in the Penticton Regional Hospital’s Community Oncology Network clinic. The planned expansion of the oncology clinic at PRH will benefit residents across the region as patients and families will continue to be able to receive medical oncology treatments and follow-up care closer to home. The project will nearly double the capacity of the existing department, enhance the delivery of care, and offer a warm and welcoming environment that promotes privacy and support.

Mr. Essio Truant was a strong supporter of the SOS Medical Foundation and in his final days, he wanted to make a transformational gift.  Fondly recalling his happy days with his late wife Dianne, Essio made a $500,000 donation in celebration of their life together.  Dianne passed away suddenly after a brief battle with cancer at Penticton Regional Hospital on May 21, 2019.  Therefore, the expansion of the oncology department at Penticton Regional Hospital was something Essio felt he needed to support.

Essio passed away on March 28th of this year.  Shortly before his passing, Essio shared this photo of him and Dianne, along with these thoughts:

I am facing the end of my life fortified by the final assistance of the Church (last rites).  I have connected again with the faith of my parents and of my childhood in Trail.  This brings me great peace and hope.  I entrust myself and all my weaknesses and failures to the mercy of God; grateful for many blessings, friends and experiences in this city.  Farewell, and I hope that we can be together again beyond the grave.  A very special thank you to Dr. Sarah Broder and to Dr. John Surkan and all friends who helped pave the way to this very special day – you know who you are!

Thank you

Essio Truant